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3 Lessons for just $97

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Keys2drive is an important road safety initiative of the Australian Automobile Association and is funded by the Australian Federal Government. It provides a learning framework for new drivers and offers a free driving lesson.

Why Are We Offering This Service?

While government statistics show that learner drivers have the lowest accident risk of all drivers, ‘P’ plate drivers have the highest crash risk. In fact, the day learner drivers get their P plates, their risk of crashing skyrockets!

Why is this happening? Research has shown us that when there is no longer anyone sitting alongside the learner driver to guide them, that driver is far more prone to collisions. After all, in many learn to drive situations, it’s really the supervisor or driving instructor who is in control. These individuals tell the learner what to do, and where to go so the learner does not have to think for themselves too much. As a result, there is a major hurdle to cross when the new driver is left alone to make independent driving decisions.

That’s where the Keys2drive free lesson can deliver priceless benefits. This lesson is intended to answer the tough questions about learning to drive well. It’s delivered by a licensed driving instructor who is accredited by the Australian Automobile Association, and it’s for both learner drivers and supervisors alike.

What Will Happen During the Lesson?

You will receive 60 minutes of professional coaching on how to develop the mental skills for safe ‘P’ plate driving and beyond. The instructor will explain the Keys2drive learning approach called 'Find Your Own Way' and offer examples of how it can be used when learning to drive. This is also your chance to ask for specific help. Our goal is that anyone who learns to drive the Keys2drive way will have greater confidence in themselves whilst reducing that skyrocketing risk of being involved in a crash and being in control of the car at all times will seem easy.

This free lesson is for learners and supervisors who want to team up and get through the first six months of P plate driving with no crashes. In so doing, you will build a good foundation for lifelong safe driving. It could be the most valuable lesson you ever have!

So How Do I Get My Free Lesson?

Getting a free lesson is easy. If you have an Australian learner’s licence, have never held a full licence and your supervisor is fully licensed, you can register on the Keys2drive website at, and obtain the free lesson ID number. Then, complete the form below and an RAC Keys2Drive Accredited Instructor will give you a call to arrange your lesson. The instructor will come to you!

Just make sure you fulfill the following eligibility requirements:


  • You hold an Australian learners permit
  • Your supervising driver (i.e, Dad, Mum, Friend, etc.) holds a full Australian driver’s licence*
  • Both you and your supervising driver must attend the entire free lesson
  • You are not an overseas licence holder upgrading to an Australian licence
  • You are not upgrading from an Automatic Licence to a Manual Licence
  • You have not held a full drivers licence in Australia or overseas

So, if you’re ready to drive safely for life, register for your free lesson now!

*  If your supervising driver holds a full international licence, he or she may attend your free lesson in place of a driver with a full Australian licence. To avoid the risk of prosecution, we strongly recommend that your supervisor checks with the licensing authority in your State to ensure that he or she is legally allowed to supervise a learner driver in Australia.