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New Offer

At RAC we love options

At the RAC School of Motoring, we love options! We understand that learning to drive can be a significant investment, which is why we offer flexible payment plans that allow you to choose the option that suits you best. With our payment plans, you can enjoy quality driving lessons without compromising on your budget.

Three lessons for $97 - Are you eligible?

Keys 2 Drive Requirements

  • You hold an Australian learners permit
  • Your supervising driver (i.e. Dad, Mum, Friend, etc.) holds a full Australian driver’s licence*
  • Both you and your supervising driver must attend the entire free lesson
  • You are not an overseas licence holder upgrading to an Australian licence
  • You are not upgrading from an Automatic Licence to a Manual Licence
  • You have not held a full drivers licence in Australia or overseas
  • Under 25's only

RAC School of Motoring Requirements

  • New customers only
  • Never previously undertaken a Keys 2 Drive lesson
  • Must have a FREE LESSON ID obtainable from the Keys2Drive website

The Keys2Drive lesson will serve as one lesson from our $97 three driving lesson special offer


Please note our office opening hours are:

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday Closed Saturday & Sunday

If you’re required to complete a logbook and have completed your required 100 hours of practical driver training, you are eligible to sit your practical driving test – this is where things get really exciting and the light at the end of the tunnel starts to glimmer!

If you have been a student of the RAC School of Motoring for quite a while and have undertaken a solid amount of training with us, your expert instructor may deem you ready to sit your test as soon as your logbook has been approved – if you have done the majority of your 100 hours with family members we usually recommend a few lessons with one of our professional driving instructors to polish up your skills and correct any bad habits or technical faults that you may have prior to taking the practical test.

One of our main priorities here at the RAC School of Motoring is the success of our students, putting you through your practical test when you’re not ready will not benefit you at all. We do our utmost to ensure that you are a confident, skillful and, above all, safe driver when your test date arrives.

We highly recommend discussing with your instructor any areas of your driving, including maneuvers, that require attention, that way you can practice these areas between lessons with your ‘qualified supervisor’ but remember, please ensure that you are covered on their car insurance policy prior to doing any driving!

Ready to book you practical driving test?  - You can do so online by visiting the Transport & Main Roads website

Common causes of failing your driving test include:

  • Speeding – Often in school zones or roadworks but travelling 1Kph over the speed limit in any situation is an immediate fail, be especially mindful of exit ramp speeds from highways
  • Failing to come to a complete STOP at stop signs – All 4 wheels must come to an absolute standstill before moving of again – even if the road that you’re entering appears clear
  • Cutting Corners – When making a right turn in to a side road do not turn too early and cut the corner, ultimately this puts you on the wrong side of the road – it’s a fail, even if it’s just for a second
  • Safety Margins – Following the car ahead too closely (maintain that 3 second gap in good weather, increase it where necessary – In wet conditions for example) Give cyclists plenty of room when passing, remember 60Kph and under 1m, over 60Kph 1.5m clearance
  • Accumulating too many Non Critical Driving Errors (NCDE) – Keep those little ‘errors’ to an absolute minimum and remember if you commit 4 or more specific repeated driving errors during your test, you can fail (Not checking your mirrors prior to indicating, or not indicating at all are good examples of NCDE’s).

Why Choose the RAC School of Motoring?

Our instructors are the best in the business; we make it a point to only work with high calibre driver trainers, your success leads to positive reviews and referrals for the RAC School of Motoring, which leads to more successful students, which leads to more referrals – you get the idea ☺

It is our long term goal to reduce the amount of young driver fatalities on our roads by introducing new, highly capable, safe drivers to Queensland’s roads. This is only achievable by having the best instructors around teaching you guys correctly. That is as simple as it needs to be.

Be assured that if you're learning with the RAC School of Motoring it means you are receiving the best driver training available.

What’s included in my test package?

We offer a couple of test package options:

Option A* – $170

  • Pick up from pre-agreed location 1 hour prior to your test start time
  • A 45-minute driving lesson, giving 15 minutes to check in at the test centre
  • Car hire for the actual driving test
  • If successful, your instructor will wait with you at the test centre so you can apply, pay for & receive your brand new driving licence immediately (authorisation paper – actual licence will be sent via mail to your address)
  • Drop off at your pre-agreed destination

Option B* – $225

  • Pick up from pre-agreed location 2 hours prior to your test start time
  • A 1 hour 45-minute driving lesson, giving 15 minutes to check in at the test centre
  • Car hire for the actual driving test
  • If successful, your instructor will wait with you at the test centre so you can apply, pay for & receive your brand new driving licence immediately (authorisation paper – actual licence will be sent via mail to your address)
  • Drop off at your pre-agreed destination

*Please note that the DTMR driving test fee is not included in the above test package options.

What’s left to do?

That glimmer of light at the end that tunnel is now a massive light, your personal independence has finally arrived!

If you’re happy with the service that we provided, please be sure to tell everyone you know and even those you don’t know by leaving us an awesome review on our Facebook page or if you have a Gmail account, a Google review would be fantastic!

We’d like to thank you for choosing the RAC School of Motoring, it was our privilege to assist you in becoming a safe, competent and skillful driver!

RAC School of Motoring, making Queensland’s roads safer, one student at a time!

Our Standard Lesson Pricing

  • 1 Hour Lesson  - $76
  • 1.5 Hour Lesson  - $114
  • 2 Hour Lesson  - $150.00 Book Online
  • Packages:

  • 5 Lesson Package  - $365 Book Online
  • 10 Lesson Package  - $710 Book Online
  • Test Packages

  • 1 Hour Pre-Test Lesson + Test Hire  - $194.00* Book Online
  • 2 Hour Pre-Test Lesson + Test Hire  - $254.00* Book Online
  • International Licence Changeover Package  - $342.00* Book Online

*Payment is required in advance to secure reduced prices for Lesson & test packages

Payment can be taken either via card or cash - see your driver trainer for more details or contact info@racschoolofmotoring.com.au